LG Changes proposal passed by Burnett to Chicago Plan Commission

LG Development has proved, once again, that they do not have the resident’s of the West Loop best interests in mind when they submitted a plan for 111 South Peoria Street that over 500 residents rejected last year.  So many people showed up to strike down the proposal that Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. stopped the meeting and made the developer go back to the drawing board.  They still came back with a plan that is way too large for the space and does not take into consideration the community.

111 South Peoria Street Chicago
Given to the Commission


For reasons unknown Alderman Burnett allowed the plan to go through to the Chicago Plan Commission.  Now LG Development did a switch at the last minute to send the plans for the previous monstrosity to the commission.

111 South Peoria
Giant Monstrosity


It is obvious what LG Development is trying to do.  They are playing politics with the space in the West Loop.  They hope residents get upset at the “Giant Monstrosity” and they will think their other plan, that some people have claimed is the “Worst Development in the West Loop” will get passed.

Unfortunately, LG Development doesn’t understand the residents of the West Loop will not be taken down that path.  LG definitely has other wonderful plans in the city.  Why are they trying so hard to ensure this plan is developed when the whole community is against it?

Stand up and show up to the Chicago Plan Commission in the City Council Chambers 2nd Floor of City Hall.  121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602 on Thursday, March 17th 2016 at 10:00 a.m. to say NO to 111 South Peoria!

111 South Peoria Street Chicago
Stand up and Be Heard March 17, at 10am

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